The Cannes Tooth Caper

So there we were enjoying pizza for lunch at the marina in Cannes, and one of my beautiful new veneers splits and comes off in at least three pieces. Imagine if I would have been eating spare ribs.
Fortunately, my best new friend from the cruise, Dr. Alex Eitches, is a dentist and came to my rescue. He pulled a real MacGuyver.

He sent our butler on a scavenger hunt. Amazingly, Rao was back within 10 minutes with every single item.

This list included Qtips, cotton, alcohol, saline (they didn’t have peroxide), end dust (for blowing air), crazy glue, nail polish remover, and an emery board.
Twenty minutes later, I was back in business with 2/3 of a temporary. We didn’t find a piece.
Alex commented that my dentist did a wonderful job on the prep work. I hope it wasn’t just a pyrrhic victory.

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