Tapas Molecular Bar, Tokyo

As the ship was overnighting in Yokohama, we took the opportunity to spend the evening at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Tokyo. 

Our 20 course meal in the Tokyo Mandarin Oriental was one of the most unique I have ever had, and I have had plenty. They can accommodate two eight-person groups nightly and that is it.

Until tonight I never have heard of molecular gastronomy. In case you haven’t either, it has to do with gourmet cooking and getting involved with chemical changes in certain ingredients and food relationships.

So, for example the first course, Yuzu Sake Hot and Cold, was literally prepared to be both hot and cold. And I’m taking temperature not spice. Amazing.

The final course, a simple fruit dish, had us swishing a miracle berry in our mouths for a minute and then bit into a fresh lemon and lime. They both tasted extremely sweet as if they were loaded with sugar, which was not the case.








Good meal, good preparation, good ambiance and good dinner partners.

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