Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2023

Segment one of our 5 segment 2023 cruise is over. I have been off the grid for a bit, because I don’t think it is becoming to whine when one has the luxury of taking a 75-day elegant cruise.


As some of you know, we some challenges. Our luggage was a week late arriving and Allyn dropped her phone in the ocean. That’s not all though. The entire cruise had problem after problem.


Here is a clue – One day they gave everybody a $250 credit. A couple days later, another $250. Next day we got a voucher for 30% off any future cruise, and a couple days later a 25% cash credit for our entire cruise cost. We were with pals and just enjoying ourselves but felt so sorry for those who scheduled their trip of a lifetime.


So fast forward. The segment ended this morning in Sydney, one of our favorite cities in the world. It is considered one of the three most beautiful cruise ports to sail into. (The others are Venice and New York. I like Hong Kong too. The New York experience isn’t so much the beauty as the thrill of sailing past The Statue of liberty).


I awoke extremely early to enjoy the sail in, but it was still dark. Then we sailed right past the old port (top 2012 photo) and we docked in a new ugly place out in the sticks. Oh well.


So, Allyn high-tailed it over to the elegant Queen Victoria Building and spent the day. Quite a clock, isn’t it.


Of course, she had to buy something at Camilla, one of her favorite stores, in one of her favorite malls in one of her favorite cities. Things are looking up!

I walked around the city smiling and remembering how much I enjoyed it while putting on lots of steps.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    Sorry you have experienced some disappointments. Things will be better & so glad you received your luggage!
    All the best! 🥂

  2. Fran Finen/a says:

    It is a beautiful city. One of my favorites. Enjoy.

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