Mooloolaba, The Sunshine Coast, Australia, and The Australian Zoo 2023


As we head up the East Coast of Australia, we spent a day in Mooloolaba, in “The Sunshine Coast” region. We had never heard of it. We were surprised by the size and beauty of the marina and the port area.



We sailed past many lovely residences also.



Mooloolaba is home to The Australian Zoo. The zoo started in 1970 by Bob Irwin and grew to what it is today by his renown son, the late Steve Irwin. His widow Terri currently owns it.

Steve and Terri had a tv series called The Crocodile Hunter which made the zoo famous.


He constantly exclaimed crikey and now his widow and two kids have a program Crikey, It’s the Irwins.

The Cassowary was the prettiest bird we saw today. It is the third tallest and second heaviest living bird, smaller only than the ostrich and emu.


This doglike creature is a dingo. Many of you may remember the famous story from 1980 when a couple claimed a dingo stole their baby while camping in Australia. The lady went to prison. Years later she was released when some of the baby’s clothing was found near a dingo nest.


The meerkat is a small mongoose, known for standing up – as here. They are desert animals from Africa.


You can’t go to an Australian zoo without visiting the koala area.

And then there is the kangaroo. Allyn got up close and personal for a while until it figured she had no food.

We enjoyed the crocodile show.

Fun day.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    Beautiful & interesting photos. I would say a great day! 👍🎉😘

  2. seberkson1 says:

    Loved seeing your new port. Have been to Australia many times but have never been here. Sorry I missed it as it looks lovely. Many thanks for sharing it with us at home. Keep having a wonderful cruise.

  3. Marlyse says:

    As I recall you disembarked in Sydney in 2020 & that’s why you missed Mooloolaba and me! So glad all your friends are joining you now!

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