St. George, UT (2021)

My Apologies in advance for sounding like I work for the Chamber of Commerce.

St. George, UT, our final stop on this summer’s road trip was a real shocker in a positive way. We really just stopped there to have an easy two-hour drive home to Las Vegas.

The city is gorgeous, the weather is the best in that part of the country, more temperate than its freezing neighbors, it is immaculate, and one of the top five safest places of all U.S. metropolises. And, to top that off, it is a gateway to Zion National Park, one of the best.

Interesting factoid – St. George is named after George A. Smith, an early leader in the Latter-day Saint movement, not the St. George who was the patron saint of England.

We stayed at the Inn at Entrada in a full, beautiful condo connected with a gorgeous, full-service community. We recommend this as a perfect spot for a couple of days, or more, for our Vegas pals – Golf, tennis, pool area, beautiful fitness center with many classes, and just an hour from Zion.

Also surprisingly, we had wonderful dinners both nights. The Painted Pony was as pretty as the food and service were good.

Aragosta is gourmet European fare whose chef Imi Kun is world renown. When Hungary was still communist, he represented them in world culinary championships in Luxembourg. Allyn says her lobster was the best she ever had.

Have you ever seen both ends of a rainbow?

Even the road home was pretty.

We are exhausted after 3 months in 12 states and almost 50 hotels. It was a trip that we will never forget.


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  1. Robert Skaggs says:

    I enjoyed each post. What a great trip! As we make plans for future trips I will incorporate your stops. Thanks

  2. Janet Anagnos says:

    I loved your trip. Soo much wanted to do some again.

  3. Erin Manning says:

    I love your posts! You always provide interesting info on each location, and great pics. I’ve really enjoyed feeling like I’m “almost there” with you! Plus, I now have some great recommendations on places to stay and good restaurants. Information, inspiration, and entertainment – my kind of blog! 😎❤️

    • allynjs says:

      Erin!!! Thx so much!! And I use so many things you taught me! I try to find an anchor, use different angles, and try to be more creative with my pics!! Hope to see you on the World Cruise 🚢 in 2022!!

  4. Meg says:

    I absolutely loved your posts! Both of you have helped us in our travels in so many ways! We have eaten at restaurants you have enjoyed and we have the exact taste in the type of accommodations we enjoy! We look forward to your next adventure, whenever it takes place! Again, thank you for taking us along!

  5. Linda Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Loved following your trip.

    • allynjs says:

      Linda, How do you have time for even making a comment while taking care of our girl!!! Thx for your kindness!!

  6. Cathy Krinsky says:

    We’re at our home in Jackson WY until October now. We ate at Fig last night with our guests who eat plant based. Yummy. We’re sorry to have missed you in Laguna Beach. Really have enjoyed all your adventures…even tho I’ve been to most places. Can’t wait to see where you’ll travel to next! With appreciation, Cathy

  7. Elaine Berkson says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time sharing your beautiful and wonderful journey with us at home. Really loved reading all about it. Look forward to seeing where you go on your next trip. .Much appreciated.

  8. seberkson1 says:

    Many thanks for taking the time to sharing your wonderful and beautiful journey with us at home. Truly love reading all about it. Elaine

  9. Dina Alhadeff says:

    Inspired! Hope to do a similar trip!! Thanks for sharing with your “village”.

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