St. Barts; Cruise Day 4

Today was our first port of call, St. Barts. For those of you who have not been here, it is possibly the most elegant of all of the Caribbean Islands. It certainly is the most expensive, and has a three block area with all the same big-time boutique names that you see in New York, Paris and London.
As with the other islands, the beauty is out of town.
I needed a pair of sunglasses and found a nice pair in Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately, I used up most of my shopping budget for the trip on this purchase.
Because I enjoy eating so much, and because I only trust my own research, I tend to find my own restaurant selection.
We rented a tiny car for the day, and used it for going to lunch and the beach, as well as a scenic drive around the island.
I spend considerable research time on the Internet. We had a great light outdoor lunch at L’Esprit, which is one of the island’s big-time dinner houses. It is just a block away from Saline beach. This is where we spent most of the afternoon.
Allyn enjoyed the local beer – Carib – which they serve with a lime, not unlike Corona.

Not unlike some of the other great beaches around the world, there is a tradeoff. There are no services at Saline, and you must walk a path for access. But once there, it is magnificent.

I had to snap a photo in front of Louis Vuitton, as it is the first shopping stop on the trip. See you all tomorrow!

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