Singapore – DoctorÕs Visit

Some people are afraid to leave the U.S. for potential medical reasons. That’s funny given the herd-like atmosphere in some American clinics, to say nothing of the wait to get an appointment, and total distain for honoring the appointment time. And then they see you for 5 minutes in the assembly line.
Modern cruise ships are staffed with well-qualified nurses and doctors, but emergencies can be a problem.
So can the bill. We had a friend last week who was charged $2,000 for his onboard visit. He said, that, alone, almost gave him a heart attack.

If there is such a thing as a great doctor’s experience, we had it today in Singapore. Allyn had a minor throat problem (which turned out to be nothing). After some Internet research, yesterday I booked an appointment for today at the International Medical Clinic.

Besides being immaculate, they had more staff than patients. They saw Allyn exactly on time, and filled her prescription instantly. The cost for everything was about $55.
Their website makes a point of saying that they allocate at least 15 minutes per person. It’s all about attitude.

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