At Sea, Gulf of Thailand

Being a sea day, and Monday to boot, today seemed like a perfect day to play poker — online, and on the water. You gotta love technology.
The Monday part is important because the big weekly online tournaments are on Sunday in the States (which is Monday here).
This meant having to start at 4:30 AM. I guess they don’t run the schedules to maximize player signups in Thailand.
We had 8,273 runners (that’s Eurospeak for entrants) each putting up $215, which meant about $243,000 to the winner. I was on the verge of greatness, but couldn’t quite make it. After almost 10 hours, I got knocked out 65th and picked up $2,300 for my efforts.

Allyn, a much more important contributor to onboard society, was on TV today. She was promoting and organizing the doings around here for Passover. That is her project for the week.

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