Silver Whisper; Rome _- Barcelona

Today started segment three of our summer trip: a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean, from “Rome to Barcelona.”

Allyn was excited to wear her new Positano outfit during the day because then she could wear the hat also.
Given that we had a travel day, usual risks were involved and once again we had some issues. The biggest one was that there was a landslide on “the road” from Positano to the Naples airport, which caused us to go the long way and added about 30 minutes. It was a hassle because the hotel notified us early in the morning and had already rescheduled our limo.
Many feel that Silver Seas is the very best cruise line. This is our third experience with them. Both times before we were quite disappointed. We thought maybe it was just bad luck.
I want to give them at least the balance of today, as well as yesterday, to give my opinion. For starters, I will say the cabin is nice, the service is friendly and the food for three meals has been deplorable. But we need to diet anyway.

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