Positano Goodbye

This little mini trip sandwiched into our summer travels, has been one of the best ever. Positano is outstanding, but the Il San Pietro Hotel makes it even more so.  The hotel is outstanding, but our room 55 makes that even more so.
Everything just works so well together.
I think the Italian people, especially the Southern Italian people as a group, seem as friendly as any I have met. The food is so outstanding, and extra special because of the small family run inexpensive places that we patronized the most.
Never have I had such amazingly fresh tomatoes.  Previously I have shied away from arugula, but now I really like it. It will be interesting if it tastes as good back home, even in the fancy Italian restaurants.
Many things at other places are better, but it just works so well here. The sand here doesn’t hold a candle to Hawaii or Australia. The lounges are even better at many resorts. The rooms are relatively small here. When they bring the wine, they just pour the first glass typically and leave the rest for the patron.
Surprisingly it is not very international. Besides the Italians, the town is frequently by Americans and some English.
But, it is pretty, friendly, peaceful, immaculate and definitely worth revisiting. Did I mention the pasta?

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