Shanghai, China

I just can’t get enough of Shanghai.
We were supposed to have three full days here, but they quickly turned into two when we arrived very late (and I had to spend the first evening at the dentist).

This is where you go to have clothes made. I had four deluxe pairs of slacks made, paid extra to get them overnight, and $150 still covered the entire tab.
Make sure to get names of places in English and Chinese. Taxi drivers here don’t speak English, and the “English speaking drivers” don’t speak much English either.

This is where you go to buy low priced eyewear, watches, electronics, pens, purses, luggage and DVDs. It is called Taobao City in Chinese.

Ding Tai Fung is where you go to have A+ food in C- surroundings.

They have over 15 locations around the world. Their dumplings are world renown. I really like great Chinese food, but am not a big fan of Formica tables at dinner.

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