Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Right before leaving town, I had some significant dental work done. My teeth have been really hurting for a while, as some adjusting is still necessary. That’s the bad luck.
It turns out that my dentist, the beautiful Jennifer Cha and her husband Leon Chen, are world renowned. They have locations in 17 cities, including six here in Asia, and one right here in Shanghai. That’s the good luck.
Tonight, immediately upon arrival, we made a beeline to their office. They kept the office open very late, just for me. Their staff of six, besides doing what was necessary in the tooth department, was anxious to help us with any local needs.
Besides being good dentists, they are good people.
Speaking of good people, our Hotel Manager, Michael Coghlan, went out of his way to be certain that we were the very first people cleared, and able to disembark as soon as Chinese immigration allowed.

Then it was on to a delightful meal at Va Bene, the only Italian restaurant in Travel+ Leisure’s Top 5 Restaurants in Shanghai.

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