Sea Day on the Wind Surf

Today was a sea day.  For experienced travelers sea days are the best.  There is none of the hustle bustle of a port day with the almost artificial obligation to get out early and see everything that there is to see.

Sea days mean doing whatever you want.  In our instance that was sleeping in, working out, watching a movie, and playing a couple of games.  The hours were mostly spent outside in the perfect weather reading, sleeping and chatting.

I particularly like the outdoor relaxing options of sea days.  Because of the ship’s movement it usually is possible to choose between sun and shade, as well as between breeze and no breeze.  Of course this assumes the weather is nice.

Allyn has become hooked on Su Doku, some kind of number game.

Once again I am fascinated with the Olympics.  Things like races don’t do that much for me because it is so hard to relate to the how good the athletes are.  But then I watch things like gymnastics on the rings and I am in absolute awe.

Sometimes when I watch people like the little Chinese girl who seems like she is 8 years old and 50 pounds, I feel odd.  She is soo good that it is almost sad.  Clearly she has no other life.


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