Saint Tropez, France, 2014


We returned to Saint Tropez this summer primarily because we liked the hotel, La Reserve, so much last year. Actually it is in the hills of Ramatuelle. Again we highly recommend it.



Immediately upon arrival, we headed to the famous beach restaurant Le Club 55. Allyn’s good friend Wendi Rothman had helicoptered in from Cannes to join us for the day. It was wonderful spending the day together.

Unfortunately the restaurant is living off its past laurels. It was way too hectic, crowded, and the food has become marginal. Pretty much everything has gone down there except the prices.



Dinner at Viviers du Pilon, as usual, was good food, good service and good ambiance.



Twice a week Saint Tropez is known for its big market. We enjoyed the morning there. Allyn picked up a hat as hers flew off the ship on our previous cruise. She opted for the 10 euro one here instead of the 200 euro similar one at Club 55.




Speaking of the beach, I must really be getting old coming to this town for three days and only beaching one day for three hours.




So long for now, Saint Tropez.

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