Rumjungle, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

Rumjungle is a fun restaurant in Mandalay Bay, known for its selection of 225 rums in the world’s largest rum bar.
It serves open fire cooked met in the Brazilian style where they bring unlimited quantities of various varieties right to the table. I happen to like this style a lot, but this particular restaurant was no better than others of a similar vein.
As for the food, here in Las Vegas I prefer Samba Gill in The Mirage, or Yolie’s which is just off the strip on Paradise. But the ambiance at Rumjungle is best.

Things change at 11 p.m. though. Rumjungle turns in to a very fun night club, featuring Salsa music and dancing. They even have professionals to help teach for those who are interested. Visit the fun online here.

I actually hung around for a few minutes. Jessica was turning 21 at midnight, and was looking forward to some serious bar-hopping. Allyn and the kids stayed out and partied for hours.

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