Positano – Il San Pietro

This is a true deluxe hotel in a deluxe city. The Hotel Il San Pietro sits by itself overlooking Positano. Every room is unique. Every common area is beautiful and immaculate.

One nice but initially scary thing about the hotel is that you sign basically nothing during your stay. If you want food, just ask. If you want a water taxi, just ask. If you want a 3-hour tour, just ask. Oh don’t worry, they will bill, but it will be one signature at the end of the trip.

We are particularly fond of our room. It actually sits above the main lobby. It is a nice large room with a direct view of the sea.

The main feature, though, is our spectacular terrace. We can look straight out to the sea or over to Positano. During the day we can choose to be in or out of the sun.

Dinner was at Max, best meal yet. It has no view, but a nice patio with great ambiance. 

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