Amalfi, Italy


It probably is not surprising that somewhere in the middle of the Amalfi coast is a quaint city named Amalfi. That is where today’s journey took us.

On the way there we stopped and visited the Emerald Grotto. It is not nearly as famous as Capri’s Blue Grotto, but is certainly worth the visit.

The water inside the cave has a greenish tint caused naturally by sunlight traveling through water in an underwater entrance.

It’s always fun seeing stalagmites. It reminds me of the center of the earth.

Amalfi is your basic quaint European town. Almost straight above it 1,500 meters is Ravello, an even more picturesque city.

I have walked so many stairs this week that I would have lost five pounds but for all of the pizza, beer, spaghetti, wine, lasagna, and lemoncello.

We finished the day with yet another great dinner. This time it was at Il Ritrovo. It is about 15 minutes away, up in the hills overlooking the water. For convenience they send a courtesy car to pick up patrons.

Finally I was fished out and went for the beef that was delightful. Allyn had a mixed seafood platter like none we have ever seen or tasted. Note: The plate looks like I ordered three big steaks. They actually were quite thin and quite tasty.

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