Poker At Sea, Brazil; Cruise Day 13

Yakov is my new pal. Besides that, the day’s highlights were, interestingly enough, both poker related.

Poker Tournament
– The ship had a $20 buy-in Texas Hold’em tournament this afternoon. I popped in to check out the casino, which was a first time experience for me. It turns out that they regularly have a “play against the dealer” Texas Hold’em game.
I didn’t even have to know the rules, to know that generally the players have no shot with this type game. But, as this was a tournament, all that matters is chip count versus other players.
There were two tournaments of four people each. Knowing nothing, I just bet the minimum as my three opponents tried to give their money away. One guy was having trouble, but even he succeeded. I turned my $20 into an easy $80… and had a good time along the way!
Poker Fan – This one could cost me thousands! As usual, there are always a couple people on board who actually know who I am. Believe me, this amazes me as much as you. Anyway, this cruise’s number one fan is a very nice gentleman, who is in the Brazilian jewelry business with his Dad in Rio. He is actually on board ginning up customers.
I know it sounds sketchy, but he is now a real “friend” and wants to get together in Las Vegas, etc. Meanwhile, these jewelers are giving us a car and driver for two days of free touring. They even invited Allyn to check out their fancy store. Of course, should we choose to buy, we will receive “extra good” bargains. Hey, we’re pals right?
Call me crazy, but I actually think he is legit.

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