Our Cabin; Cruise Day 8

Given that this ship is our home for four months, and we spend significant time in our cabin, we wanted plenty of room.


Our cabin, 900, is a Master Suite. Counting the balconies, we have a bit over 2,000 square-feet. Essentially, it is a 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bath apartment without a kitchen. Life is grand. We are very fortunate.

The main deck covers ½ of the front of the ship, right below the bridge. Part is glass-enclosed to block the wind.

We have two nice sized walk-in closets (1/2 of one is in the picture). Closet space is important, as geographically our journey will take us through various extreme climate conditions.
Allyn’s good friend Stephanie will be joining us on the next leg. We’ll need to generate some closet space for her.

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