Formal Night; Cruise Day 9

That’s right folks. It’s formal night on the boat, but we are getting ready for a simple dinner for two in our cabin.  (Of course, it’s always nice to have a butler serve it). In fact, we took-off almost the entire day from boat activities.
About once a week, we like to have a very light dinner alone in our cabin. There is just so much fun and going-out a person can have, until it is not as special any more.
We tend to take our nights off during formal evenings. There are only so many times I can wear a tux. They will still get me for about ten times on this cruise. That’s enough.
Remember the lady from the “Dinner from Hell” (see Cruise Day 3)? We came across her again. This time she was chastising somebody for being so foolish as to have investments that lost value during 2008.  It turns out that all smart people knew better. Who knew?

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