On Board Serenity; Miami – Miami, Cruise Segment 1 (2022)

Medically, the first segment of the cruise went off without a hitch. Not one passenger tested positive and the couple crew who did were almost without symptoms. That’s a better record than at home.

That does not speak to the marvelous cruise that we had.

Just because we are on a cruise did not mean we stopped our health program. In Miami we walked over the long bridge from the cruise terminal (which everybody said was too far) and then hiked considerably farther to a lovely mall.

 Allyn has been able to get exercise outside on the deck. That’s pretty slick.

The entertainment troupe must be at least 15 people with the dancers, singers, and musicians. They are the best we have seen on any ship. The lighting has turned up a notch (pardon the pun) with great technology and a skilled person on board.

The individual entertainers have been terrific too. We are talking comedians, magicians, ventriloquist, and piano player. That was quite a bunch for 12 nights of entertainment.

And what would a cruise be without food? Nobu’s restaurant is as good as ever. No surprise there.

Prego, the Italian restaurant, is happy to give us items we can eat on our diet. Quality and taste are not at all compromised.

We tend to eat at Waterside on special nights when they have items like yummy oysters, caviar, and lobster.

The casual Chinese is very good. You get the point.

We feel like we are living in a covid bubble, and are back with so many friends that we have not seen since having to leave the ship in early 2020. It is great to be back home.


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  1. Wendi says:

    So great to hear!

  2. karen vonier says:

    Wonderful news …. it gave me hope!
    The food presentations are to die for!
    Keep on enjoying! 👍😘✔️

    • Myrna oken says:

      You guys are looking svelte
      Would have loved to be on board with you
      Wishing you joyous sailings On my favorite vessel

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