Niagara Falls, NY and Ontario 2022

Niagara Falls is truly spectacular. We have seen fabulous waterfalls all over the world and, so far, nothing has come close except for Iguazu Falls in South America. It is twice as wide but has less total water flow.

To do it right, we viewed the falls from the land, both at river’s edge and from observation points, from the water, and from the sky.

These are the helicopter views.


We walked along the raging river with 60 MPH current.


Then the highlight was the up close and personal boat ride on the Maid of the Mist ship where you get so close that they provide ponchos for everybody.

It was a bit too fun (and wet) for me.

Even after leaving the boat, we were at an observation level that was spectacular. We will never forget this day.

Interesting factoid – 20% of the entire world’s fresh water supply flows from Niagara into the four lakes at the head of the Great Lakes system.


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  1. Fran Fine says:

    We had our second Fine Family Reunion in Niagara Falls and experienced the power and the beauty that is Niagara Falls exactly as you have described. What power.

  2. Karen Vonier says:

    Fabulous & great information. I would do it all except the poncho WET part!!! You are great sports!

  3. Betsy Rosenberg says:

    So happy that you two are having such a great time!

  4. Continue enjoying a spectacular trip. Elaine

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