Napier, New Zealand 2020

Napier is known for its art deco architecture. It stems back to the fact that the city was destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1931. It was then totally rebuilt in the modern style of the day.

Annually they have their Napier Art Deco Festival which fortunately happens to be this week. 
Last night people lined the streets for the kickoff. Besides locals, thousands of New Zealanders flock here as well as others from all over the world.
We ate at a wonderful local restaurant Hunger Monger  which is famous for its fresh fish and veggies. 
They dress as they did then and some even carried cups to beg for money (which they then give to charity). 
In fact the Vintage car parade was today, featuring 300 automobiles.
Here I checked out he carburetor, or is that the engine? 
Although far from China the economic impact of coronavirus is huge. China is New Zealand’s single biggest export market and that is at a standstill. Lumber is stacked up as far as the eye can see. Most wool is now shipped to China for carpets. That industry is crippled now also.

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