Napa and South Lake Tahoe

Yesterday I wrote about getting stuck in the wild fire area far Northern California and was thrilled to get to Napa for an evening of fun with our friends. We thought the fires were behind us, but look at the soot that we found on our car from that night. All of a sudden Napa was darkish and ugly sky also. So it was time to move on to South Tahoe.
The drive up through the Sierra Nevada Mountains was lovely and after we climbed to about 3,000 feet we saw blue sky for the first time in many hours of driving. Our first glimpse of Lake Tahoe was particularly thrilling as you can imagine.
We are staying at Edgewood Tahoe a new, extremely deluxe, hotel on the lake just inside Nevada. It has no casino.
On the second day here, the residual fire smoke caught up and even way up here we had to deal with it. It did make for an interesting photo though.
Dinner day one was with good cruise friends. Day two dinner was at the hotel and was the most elegant meal of the trip. Allyn had elk, which was a first for both of us. It is extremely low in fat and cholesterol, yet high in protein It had no gamey taste. Home run.
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