Montevideo – Rio

It’s been a while since I checked in. We have been to many nice beach type places heading up from the Southern tip of South America to Rio.

Allyn took to the bike again in Maldonado, Uruguay.


I never heard of Santos, but it is the largest seaport in Latin America. It lies outside of Sao Paulo. It looks like a tiny place until we left the port. What a shock. Another cable car was in store for us.




Ilha Grande was a perfect place for a schooner trip with snorkeling.


Parati is a beautiful old Portugese colonial town, still with its cobblestone streets and original look. It was big during the Brazilian Gold Rush in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Buzios, a resort town south of Rio is very high end. Here I am with my girlfriend Brigitte Bardot who made it quite famous.

 You gotta love a sculpture actually in the ocean. 

And be very careful when swimming with jellyfish. They bite – pretty though.

In Rio two friends from California joined us and will be with us until Miami. Yet another cable car (two actually) was in store to climb the world famous Sugar Loaf Mountain for the view overlooking the city.

We had dinner in town at Satyricon Restaurant, one of the city’s best. 

Bye bye Rio.

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