Men Playing in World Series of Poker LadiesÕ Event

A few men used discrimination law to force their way into the WSOP Ladies’ Event. Nobody dislikes discrimination more than I do. These jerks made a mockery of this needed legislation.

The real issue at hand is whether there should be ladies only events. The general theory against it is that poker can be played on a level playing field. There is merit to that argument, especially for professional and other experienced ladies.

More compelling though is that these type of events are good for poker. Ladies represent only about 5 – 10% of the normal tournament population. This event attracts over 1,000 women, many of whom have never played in a tournament before, let alone the World Series.

 Poker is very intimidating for anybody the first couple times out. Women just feel more comfortable with women in uncomfortable circumstances. The Ladies’ Only Even allows women to comfortably enter the community and grow along with it. Certainly, we will see many of them entering more live tournaments shortly.

Besides, there is extra camaraderie, and it is extra fun for them. That is exactly why I enjoy Senior Events.

If we had a way of verifying entry legitimacy, I would be a fan of having a tournament just for people who have never entered one before. I would be extra lax on rule enforcement, and even encourage the players to ask questions about rules during the event.

By the way, even though I feel so strongly about allowing these special events, they do not qualify for Card Player’s Player of the Year points. Since they are not open to everybody, that would not be equitable.

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