Maspalomis, Grand Canaria, Canery Islands 2018

We needed a break from our vacation. Mission accomplished. We flew down to Maspalomis, a resort town in south Grand Canaria Island in The Canary Islands. We chilled for four days. It is a long ways away, but worth it. We shall return. Notwithanding the location it is definitely Spanish in all respects. They have been in control for over 500 years.
The Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia is considered by many to be the best in The Canary Islands and we were not disappointed. The room, service, ambiance and food all were excellent.
Whether you look up the beach or down, people were always coming or going. We managed to score a couple quiet lounges and umbrellas. The beach is over two miles long with gigantic sand dunes.
Of note is that the sand is the hottest I ever have experienced; way hotter than Hawaii. It required wearing flip flops to the water’s edge.
One day we took a tour across and around the island. Being volcanic, it rises 6,000 feet and was quite windy, but with open beauty. There is lots of hiking, 4 wheeling, and cycling.
This particular cactus is known for its laxative powers.
They even have camel rides available.
Las Palmas, the main city, is across the island. We had lunch there overlooking the beach.
Last night we walked to town and loved that we ventured out.
We have had many great meals around the world and Las Rias adds to that list. Even more striking was that neither of us could get over the beauty of the restaurant and the A+ ambiance looking over the water. The only thing close for me for ambiance is probably Michel’s in Honolulu.
Spain is such a breath of fresh air for us versus France. It so much less hectic, the people usually are nicer and the prices are dirt cheap by comparison. Having said that France still has a certain something going for it.

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