Louisville, KY 2022

Our dinner out in Louisville was at Proof on Main a nice restaurant in a small hotel that also houses an art museum.        

The three dimensional art display was certainly different and interesting.

Speaking of different, the urinal had a unique outlook.

They love their bourbon here. Each restaurant we visited had more bourbon items than wine or cocktails.

The hotel owns this gaudy gold David, twice the size of Michelangelo’s original. I don’t think it really belongs, but, whatever.

Museum Row is a beautiful area of downtown. We toured two of the six.

I was reticent to go to The Louisville Slugger Museum, but it seemed important given that we were in Louisville.  It was quite a pleasant surprise.

They have about 3,000 different models taking into consideration all of the different variables. They were considerably heavier than I imagined.

The Major League teams buy bats for the players and order about 100 per player at a time for the season. Pro ball players use about 15% of the bats.

The Muhammad Ali Center was the highlight of our visit. He was a great fighter and an even greater humanitarian.

Louisville boasts a beautiful 100-year-old neighborhood called Cherokee Park which surrounds a Scenic Loop inside the park itself. We had a nice walk around it.

We stayed in for dinner where Allyn made breakfast, always one of my favorite meals.

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