Columbus, OH, 2022

About halfway between RV parks in Louisville and Columbus is Cincinnati. It seemed like a perfect spot for Sunday brunch. My research allowed me to find the perfect place. The problem was that it was jammed with the line extending out the door. So much for that plan.

Then in Columbus we chose to spend a while in their famous Center of Science and Industry (COSI). For the last three years it has been voted as the best science museum in the country. I can see why.

Although it was a bit of a wait, we rode a motion simulator which was exciting.

They have so many items to help kids learn. These boxes were interesting. The bigger one on the right weighs more than the small one the left although it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Our brain plays tricks on us.

They had some rooms showing a typical city layout 100 years ago and 50 years go. Remember the phone booth?

Today we did a long peaceful hike at Alum Creek State Park. Even that wasn’t enough for Allyn (nicknamed Allyn the Animal by Stanley Blend.) She insisted walking another two miles back to the RV Park while I went to the grocery store.

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