Lotus of Siam, ÒThe Best Thai restaurant in the United StatesÓ

At JetSetWay we don’t always need the fanciest or most expensive. Oftentimes things are just the best. That characterizes Lotus of Siam, in Las Vegas. According to Gourmet magazine, it is the best Thai restaurant in the United States.

Sunday night we had a delightful dinner there. As usual Yarom Limor (to my left) was the organizer. Known poker players joining the group were Dan Alspach and wife, J.J. Liu, as well as James Van Alstyne.

The place is jammed nightly. For sure call ahead for reservations. Probably a full day is needed. Your best bet on the food is to have Bank, the owner’s son, order for you. Additionally he has vast wine knowledge.

It is located a few minutes East of Las Vegas Blvd on Sahara in a very nondescript center.

Here is some pertinent data – www.saipinchutima.com, 953 E. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, (702)735-3033.


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