London and Greenwich, 2017


Our summer trip is wrapping up in London, still our favorite stop in this part of the world. As usual we are staying in the West End, the fun part of town rather than at a chic fancy hotel in a chic fancy area.

Theater night in London is always a treat. We were thrilled with School of Rock, the Muscial, a musical adapted from the 2003 blockbuster movie. We did not know the show even existed but knew we had to go when we heard Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote 14 new songs for it. As they say here, it was brilliant.

After we wisely went with our concierge’s recommendation of a wonderful dinner house. San Carlo Cicchetti, known just as Cicchetti, serves Italian tapas in a bustling, trendy, upscale environment.

The next day, wanting to visit someplace new, we spent the afternoon in Greenwich. Since the weather was perfect we took a sightseeing boat down the Thames River seeing and learning so much.

The London Eye is gigantic up close. It is almost as big as The Linq in Las Vegas. (Newer ones always need to be a hair bigger for bragging rights). 

The London Bridge is in the background past the Tower Bridge (which is way more impressive looking.)

The ride to Greenwich was a fine destination in itself. Visiting the Royal Observatory was really fun and informative.

Straddling the Prime Meridian is a hoot also. You could actually do this any place on a straight line from here to the South Pole (and up to the North Pole) if you knew where to stand and if you could walk on water.


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