Liverpool, UK

Two days ago, we walked for an hour around Cork, Ireland. It was lovely. In that short time we met several people, all of whom were so friendly. Lunch was great at a typical local eatery.


Yesterday we walked around Holyhead, Wales. It was OK. It gave us a chance to chat with Neil Leifer, perhaps history’s best sports photographer. At least Time – Life must think so since he shot 200 Sports Illustrated covers.


Today was Liverpool, UK. Once on every cruise or two we come across a new port that blows us away and we will remember that day for life. Liverpool joined that group today. We expected a dirty port city with some Beatles memorabilia. Who knew it is considered UK’s finest Victorian city (whatever that means)?

The highlight though was three hours visiting The Beatles Story. This is a fantastically well-done museum with audio throughout that shows and tells the entire story. If you’re a Beatles fan, get here somehow.

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