Le Sirenuse Ð Positano, Italy

Last year while in Positano we stayed Il San Pietro, considered by many (including us) to be one of the best hotels in the world.

Being somewhat adventurous (or is it nuts), we changed this year to Le Sirenuse, which is also considered one of the great hotels.

If anything, we like it better. The location, ambiance, cleanliness and service are all spectacular.

Often, in very high-end hotels, the personnel are a bit aloof. There is none of that here.

They have so many lovely areas, all built for the view. There is the Oyster Bar, the regular bar, the beautiful restaurant and lovely pool area.

Our terrace trumps them all though. Most of these photos were taken from there.

We had one small problem. The wireless Internet did not work in the room, although it picked up on the terrace.  Even though it is Saturday and their normal technology company is closed until Monday, they contracted an individual to come out. The hotel paid retail for the proper hardware and had him install the device in our room (which including significant wiring) so that we would not be inconvenienced.
As if that were not enough, they insisted on buying us dinner in their gourmet restaurant tonight. I considered turning them down (for about 5 seconds), but for these prices, what the heck? It was magnificent.

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