Europe Ð Summer, 2010

Hi everybody. JetSetWay is back with more travel adventures, as we will be in Europe for seven weeks this summer.
I will do my best to give interesting snippets of the trip with the ever-handy aid of Allyn’s photography.
Destination one is Le Sirenuse on the Amalfi Coast, in Positano, Italy for five nights. It is one of the great hotels in one of the great cities.
After a long day of travel from Las Vegas, we popped down to Max, one of the great restaurants here and then crashed till about 3 a.m. Our bodies are confused.

These days the best way to get to anyplace in Europe from Las Vegas seems to be either Virgin Atlantic or British Air because they both fly nonstop to London daily.
Our flight was 25 minutes late. That’s ok because we accounted for it. It’s a bit frustrating though because we knew from our research that they are late half the time and average 40 minutes on the tardy side.
As a constant traveler over the last 45 years, I can assure you that generally these days delays are more a function of the airport and weather than the airline. London is very busy and planes leave late. In turn that makes them late to return.
You may want to factor that in when choosing an airport. Be careful of Chicago in the winter. Places like San Francisco and Seattle often have winter early morning problems when the marine air creates fog problems.
Flying is a pain, but traveling is great. That is why often we opt for long trips and cruises

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