Lausanne, Montreux, and Geneva

Today both Allyn and I had virtually no jet lag. We attribute it to sleeping much of the way across the ocean, staying hydrated, no alcohol, and just taking a short nap yesterday. We went to bed at normal local time and pretty much slept the night through.

This morning we left bright and early (8:15) for a full day of touring French Switzerland. Four official languages are spoken here with French being about 19% of the population and spoken in the West where the two countries are neighbors.
We enjoyed the lovely center of Lausanne, as yesterday we did not venture from the hotel or lake.
From there we headed to the Chateau de Chillon in Montreux. Built in the thirteenth century, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is on of the best preserved castles in Europe. With its strategic location, it served multi-purposes of defense, stately residence, and even a toll road.

The afternoon was spent in Geneva. Unlike most of the places that are primarily sheer beauty that we will be visiting this week, Geneva is known for it important International headquarters the World this Organization and the International that Organization. 
I dined on red mullets at our official welcome party. I much preferred my salad that I had at lunch.


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