Gruyeres, Bern, and Interlaken


Checkout was a snap this morning. Travcoa did something right. Instructions were to put our bags outside the door at least 30 minutes prior to leaving the hotel, and pay any incidentals if we had any. It worked like a charm. 
We drove to Gruyeres and checked out the castle. It was OK, but no big deal compared to places like Versailles and St. Petersburg. But Gruyeres is a big deal for its sheer natural beauty and their famous cheese. 

Their cheese is so famous that we even had a cheese and win tasting at 11:00 between breakfast and lunch. It was a ridiculous time, of course, but that is when we were there.
Next was a visit to Switzerland’s capitol Bern. It was prettier than expected.

Finally we drove to Interlaken where our home is the Victoria-Jungfrau for two nights. It’s another one of those old elegant hotels. The problem is that there is no air conditioning in the rooms because it usually is not needed. The only time it is needed is in the summer when the hotel is busy.

We do have a great view of the Jungfrau though. It is one of the highest points in Europe. We will be there tomorrow.
Finally we were able to score a fan. At least that will blow around the hot air.

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