Keep Memory Alive

One of our favorite charities here in Nevada is the Keep Memory Alive Foundation which supports the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute.

Tonight, Allyn and I went to a cocktail party at The Wynn to support the charity. We were joined by a veritable who’s who of Las Vegas.

Dementia wasn’t a big deal until recently because people didn’t live as long. Did you know that one out of five people aged 65 have dementia, and that number grows to one out of two by age 85? It is irreversible. By the time Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, the damage is done. It progresses until the person eventually dies.

My senior moment (or was it just stupidity) came when I met Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I put my hand out to shake the hand of the wrong gentleman who was next to him.

The beautiful lady in the picture with me is Elaine Wynn, Steve’s lovely wife.

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