Laguna Beach, CA (2021)

Given that Laguna Beach is Allyn’s old stomping grounds, we didn’t really want or need to do much sightseeing. We had pals to visit and have been looking forward to our stay at Montage Laguna Beach.

We were not disappointed whatsoever.

The hotel elegance and view were apparent as soon as we walked in.

The room was lovely and its view even better.

You won’t find friendlier employees. When I left the pool, the attendant asked if I had a pleasant afternoon.

Here is a first for me. At breakfast, it was a bit overcasty and just a bit chilly. They had the heat lights on just a hair to slightly warm up the area. Nice touch. Great hotel.

Dinner was at Selanne Steak Tavern, a fine restaurant just down the highway a mile. It turns out it is the location that used to house French 75. That was quite a special treat for Allyn as she has quite fond memories of it since she used to take her elderly mom to dinner there weekly.

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  1. Jody Fayant says:

    Nice area!

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