Kodiak, Alaska

Warning. I am not to be trusted any more. It was really a dark, dreary day here in Kodiak today. We photoshopped the picture just because we (read that Allyn) can.

About 13,000 people live on Kodiak Island; yet it is the second largest island in the USA, having about the same area as Connecticut.

Annually it ranks in the top three fishing ports in the country and is home to 700 commercial vessels. You might say it is dependant on fish and seafood.

We saw the Cornelia Marie, seen often on The Deadliest Catch, docked for the winter because the crab season is over.

We even saw bald eagles. Check the top right area of the nest.

Russia’s first settlement in America was Kodiak in 1784. They were interested in Sea Otter pelts, euphemistically known as “soft gold”.

As good tourists we had borscht and pirozhkis while listening to traditional Russian music. Gramma’s borscht was way better, but she didn’t provide a band.

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