Key West, Florida

Key West, the southern most city in the contiguous 48 states, is one of the funkiest places in the world.  It is home to artists, writers, old hippies, gays and people who just want a laid-back lifestyle.

We arrived here in the Gulf of Mexico and traveled by a pedicab 2.5 miles for lunch on the Atlantic Ocean. We walked back.

We saw a house with an odd numbered address on the even side of the street. The former owner had a history of hangovers and moved the house across the street where the sun wouldn’t be a burden in the morning. I wonder if he had just a bit too much money?

Their famous key lime pie is better than elsewhere. They use a local yellow lime that is very delicate which is why we see the sturdier green limes elsewhere.

Funny moment – Allyn and I were sitting in the front row for tonight’s entertainment (a comedian) who was dreadful. We had to walk out and he came running down the aisle after us yelling he would try harder. In was the only funny line in the show. I’m sure he gets to practice that one every performance.


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