Crystal Serenity Grand Voyage


What a thrilling day. Today starts our 74-day round trip Miami cruise, circumnavigating South America.  We will visit 38 ports in 14 countries.

Actually things were more thrilling than we bargained for. Notwithstanding the fact that we travel internationally about half the time, we blundered Big Time. We accidentally brought our previous passports that have been replaced.

The commotion happened about 5:00 PM here. Fortunately it was only 2:00 in Las Vegas. A friend found the passports for us and went to FedEx with them right away.

The next fortunate thing is that our first stop (tomorrow) is in Key West, which is still in the U.S. so we are not leaving the country and FedEx is scheduled to deliver by noon.

There is one curve ball – On their site FedEx said they had severe delivery disruptions today because of bad weather at their Memphis hub. We’ll just have to see what happens. Worst case is we stay in Key West for two nights and catch up with the ship Saturday in the Cayman Islands.


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