Key West, FL (2022)

We have been to Key West several times, and it has always been a blast.

Just checking out the marina is fun.

It is a fine place just to walk around even if you not in the mood for heavy duty sight-seeing. Open air bars always make a city lively.

Everywhere you turn, there is art.

Every restaurant seems to serve key lime pie and one is better than the next. However key limes are not grown here anymore. They are all imported.

As you know Key West is the southernmost point in the Continental U.S. Did you know that it is closer to Cuba than Miami?


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  1. Chuck Weinstock says:

    Did you know that at one time you could get to Key West by train on the Havana Special? Or that in 1927 Pan American Airways started as a flying service between Key West and Havana? A hurricane knocked out the railroad, the remnants of which formed the basis of the overseas highway between Miami and Key West. Of course deregulation and other factors eventually knocked out Pan Am.

  2. Debbie Walker says:

    Just my opinion but I think you look even more handsome (is that possible?) without the beard ❤️ and younger!

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