Kangaroo Island, Australia 2019

Wow, until I signed up for this cruise I had never even heard of Kangaroo Island and it turns out it was one the great tour days. We enlisted our friends Stanley and Linda Blend, and Tommy and Heather Schweiger to join us for a private full day tour.

First we went Seal Bay Conservation Park and visited Sea Lions up close and personal. We all felt the trip was worth the price just from that one stop. But it kept getting better.
Next, also up close, we stopped to visit koala bears in their natural habitat. We saw so many. Amazing.
The mother is carrying the baby.
It is extremely seldom you see them moving, let alone on the ground.
The tour company provided an amazing lunch for us exclusively, out in the wild.
The highlight of the day was next at Admirals Arch. The New Zealand fur seals were only surpassed by the magnificence of the totality of the sea beauty.
We finished at Remarkable Rocks which are some huge weather-worn builders sitting on top of a giant granite dome.

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