Kalaloch Beach 4 and Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula, WA Day 1, 2020

This morning we drove four hours north and west of Portland to spend our last two evenings of this road trip at The Olympic Peninsula. We are in the far northwest corner of Washington State in the far northwest corner of the United States. I would doubt if 5% of the Seattle residents have been in this area. We are way far away.
Our first stop was at Kalaloch Beach 4 at the Pacific Ocean. It seemed like 25 flights to walk each way down and back. It was peaceful seeing a quiet expansive beach after so many days of other type of beauty.
Next we headed to the Hoh Rain Forest. Just the drive alone was worth the view. People talk about Seattle rainfall which is about 36 inches annually. By comparison, the Hoh Rain Forest gets more than 136 inches annually.
Somehow, even though I already handled the walk to/from the ocean, Allyn prevailed on me to handle two more trails at Hoh.
The weather was perfect. Allyn took about 150 photos which made my job of editing them down so tough as there were so many great ones.
Even the drive out was particularly interesting with an area of trees leaning to the middle of the street from both sides. We felt like we had an honor guard of sorts.
We found a food truck for take-out barbecue. They call it eat in because they have about three covered picnic tables. Cute place; great food.

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