Welcome to the inaugural JETSETWAY blog. I do hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Hopefully, you will even pick up a few helpful travel tips I learned along the way in my extensive world travel.

I just assumed that the first daily blog was going to be about my family’s jaunt from Las Vegas to Avignon, France, to begin our 26-day summer trip around the Mediterranean. That is just to have to wait a day though. Something much more important happened.

You will see that the JETSETWAY is not just about staying in the best suites, eating at the best restaurants or flying on private jets. It’s an entire lifestyle where one feels “I want the best, I want it now, I don’t want hassles, and I am willing to pay not to stand in lines”.


Yesterday we were scheduled to leave the house for the airport at 3:45 pm. As luck would have it, late in the morning one of my (adult) kids had a terribly painful situation. We thought the entire trip may be in jeopardy.


For just about anyone, this would have been a disaster, if only because of the ticking clock. Fortunately for us, we called our JETSETWAY doctor, J. Cory Brown MD. Fifteen minutes later we were at his office. Thirty minutes later, after a thorough examination, discussion and lab tests, we were on the way to the pharmacy. Problem solved.


Can you imagine getting an appointment that quickly with your doctor, AND having him see you as soon as you show up? I assure you, it was not because of my charm (or was it?).


You see, Cory has a very special concierge medical practice. He is a great doctor, and has relatively few patients. We pay him an annual fee, and he is always available. This is a true win/win for all concerned, even the insurance company (which we also pay). Thus, given the nature of his practice, Cory has plenty of time to spend with each patient.


On top of everything else, Cory is a really nice guy. Indeed, the only downside is that I joined him to be able to get in-and-out, on my schedule. However, he is so thorough that often I feel that we are just chatting because he has time on his hands. Oh well. Some people think I have trouble being satisfied. Some people may be right.

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