Il Mulino Restaurant, Las Vegas

Many consider Il Mulino the finest Italian restaurant in New York. As such, it is no wonder then that they followed the trend and opened up another in Las Vegas.
What is unusual is that I feel the Las Vegas branch is better than the original. The reason is that here there is elbow room and reservations are honored. In New York, the food is great and you eat there in spite of their tardiness and close seating proximity.
All the food is great. The portions are large and the “free” appetizers they bring in at the beginning are enough for an entire meal.

For the Sea Bass crowd, this is the best in town (tied with Bartolatta at Wynn Las Vegas). Pictured above, Poker celebrity JJ Liu is being presented with a beautiful salt-encrusted whole sea bass.

If you like rich pasta, you’ll love the Ravioli filled with Porcini Mushrooms, in a black truffle sauce, covered with their delectable cream sauce. The Osso Bucco works well for the meat fans and is a perennial favorite.

You get the point. It is a big bold meal that you’ll remember, and want to repeat once in a while. 

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