Honolulu Restaurants and more, 2023

If there is one common denominator here this year, it is that prices are up, and portions are down. The number of items on the menus are way down and help is iffy.

Roy’s, mentioned last time, was clearly the worst.

We ate breakfast daily at The Royal Hawaiian. Ambiance is still marvelous, and food was fine. Clearly the menu was shorter. I was shocked the first night when I called for room service to learn that they do not have it anymore. Imagine that in a high-end hotel?

The Beachhouse at The Moana Hotel was great as usual. The ambiance cannot be beat – sitting outside, viewing the ocean, and listening to great live background music. They have shifted to a 4 and 5 course fixed price menus with enough options to please most folks. The waitress was as sweet as could be. I just wish she would have poured some wine other than the first glass.

Years ago, we had a terrific lunch at Morimotos which was down the beach a mile or so to the right. Now they moved to new digs in the Alohilani Resort just a short walk in the other direction. Their space (and the entire hotel) was gorgeous and immaculate that you knew it would be great just by walking in. We had so many different items and each was a hit.

The tuna pizza was a real hit with me. It has fresh tuna, crispy tortilla, olive, red onion, anchovy aioli, tomato, jalapeno, tabasco, and micro cilantro.

Our final dinner was at Orchids at The Halekulani with our Wisconsin poker friends the Ormsons. It is yet another elegant open air restaurant. It has great ambiance, but not quite as great as  two others Waikiki standouts – La Mer, also at Halekulani, and Michel’s at the Colony Surf. There is just something about opulent open-air dining on Waikiki Beach.

Both the food and service were quite good. We dined on appetizers which were all good.

This high-tech room key works quite nice – especially given that we are at a beach resort. It doesn’t get lost or stolen, goes in the water, opens our room door as well as some privateish public areas such as the gym.

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  1. Cathy Tai says:

    Of course I’m a bit biased…😊 but you might consider Maui and try the four seasons Wailea next time! You won’t be disappointed! ❤️ have a wonderful cruise!!!!

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