Honolulu, HI 2023

Pretty much every year for the last 50, I have found myself in Honolulu this time of year. The most recent 20 have been with Allyn of course. Most of the time we have spent it at The Royal Hawaiian and this year is no exception.

There have been some changes, mainly cutbacks, but it is still nice to be home. There is no place I relax more than here.

We had our annual dinner at Roy’s. It is an interesting chain. We stopped eating at their Las Vegas location years ago. Roy sold out 20 of his locations (not Waikiki) in 2014 and quality plummeted. In fact, only four of those remain open today.


Unfortunately, we had some rough spots tonight and their wonderful manager, Diva, tried to fix things, but sometimes it is not just about getting a credit on the check. It does help though!

I see they got a new sign on the world-famous Mai Tai Bar.

In a few days we head to Auckland where we will commence a 75-day journey to Tokyo on the elegant Regent Explorer. More on that later.


New Zealand is FAR from the U.S. It’s almost 6 hours to Honolulu and yet another 7 hours to Aukland.

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  1. Have the best time. I know you will. It looks absolutely beautiful. All of it. We will be in Hawaii in April, and you will be long gone, but I have not been there in over 25 years. So, I am looking forward to the peace and quiet, and Haim will be looking for action. I think he will be disappointed. Best to you, both. Fran

  2. Connie Berg says:

    Have a great trip Connie and Don Berg

  3. Kristin Finnegan says:

    Bon Voyage! See you n Auckland!✈️🛳️🥰

  4. seberkson1 says:

    Hope you have a marvelous cruise. Sounds good to me.
    Bon Voyage,

  5. Rob says:

    Have a great trip=– give us frequent reports


    Bon Voyage! We’re on a World Cruise too and I have no one to play Scrabble with!

  7. Dina Alhadeff says:

    Hello to the Pink Palace for me! Any chance you’ll get to London? If so, I know someone who’d love to catch up with you! Can’t wait to see your itinerary! Bon Voyage!

  8. Debby Faler Bobbitt says:

    Have fun and keep us posted!

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