Honolulu, HI Nov, 2019


What a night !  Coast Guard Admiral and Mrs. Kevin Lunday hosted us and five other couples at their home this evening.
They just happen to live on property at Honolulu’s iconic Diamond Head Lighthouse.
How did they get such fabulous quarters? I guess when you are the commander of the entire South Pacific (over 14 million square miles), the Coast Guard’s largest district, then Uncle Sam takes care of you.
Although closed to the public, Adm Lunday gave us a personal tour all the way to the top of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was originally built in 1899, and was rebuilt in 1917. It is 55 feet high but stands 147 feet above sea level. It can been seen for 18 miles.
The Coast Guard has been responsible for it since 1932 which works nicely for the Lundays.

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