Hong Kong, China; Cruise Day 88

We decided to spend the entire day on the Kowloon side (so as not to waste time traveling). In fact, as it relates to shopping, if you never left the ship terminal, you would find everything you need, and run out of energy and money.

Hong Kong’s people are so industrious. The retail people work their butts off, but do not make you ever feel like they are in your face.

At 6:00 o’clock, it was back to the tailor for a fitting. Two days ago, Allyn was just leafing through magazines for ideas. When she gets home it will be waiting for her.

Hong Kong has a spectacular light show nightly at 8:00 o’clock. We had another outstanding meal, with a window table to take advantage of the show.

Goodbye Hong Kong. See you next year I hope.

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